History of Bellerose Terrace Fire Department

The origin of Bellerose Terrace Fire Department dates back to August of 1926 when the Bellerose Terrace Chemical Engine and Hose Company was organized with acting Chief Burman.

The equipment consisted of a Ford Model T Hook and Ladder Truck with a hose reel of 500 feet of 2 ½ inch hose.

In April of 1928 the Chemical Engine and Hose Company disbanded and was taken over by the Bellerose Terrace Fire Department. This is when the department was re-organized
and formed as a district by the Board of Fire Commissioners. The Board of Fire Commissioners had been previously elected by the community to form the Bellerose Terrace Fire District and consisted of five members of the community to oversee the development of the department. The First Chief of the Department, Joseph Whitney was elected by the department in 1928. A few years later the Ladies Auxiliary was formed on September 29, 1933 to support the hard working volunteer firemen with Evelyn Hendrickson as the first appointed president.

In 1938 the fire district was faced with a problem that still exists today, construction of the Bely Parkway that separated the district in two. One of the major problems was the location of the fire headquarters on a dead end street at the end of the Belt Parkway, known today as the Cross Island Parkway and 243 rd street. Despite this handicap, in responding to fire calls and emergencies the department has always been able to handle the calls with much efficiency even through a major parkway that separates the town in two.

Today the department has about 20 members who are well trained in all aspects of fire fighting and emergency situations and many of the members are EMT’s. The department currently has two 2010 Ferrara 500 gallon Pumpers. The department responds to an average of 130 calls per year.